Test your security knowledge to see how safe you are.

Is Security THAT Important -A Surprising Perspective


This is a question that many people outside of the security field may ask. The answer may surprise you.


NO! Security is MORE important!


I intentionally used a general term in the title because security covers such a wide spectrum of topics, which is why I did it.


What did you think of when you read the title? What type of security came to your mind first?


Personal security – or the security of your loved ones? Are you safe in your everyday life?


Cyber security – is your online presence secure?


Home security – do you have an alarm system or security camera?


Security outside your home – are the places you shop or eat secure?


I have been in the security field for 6 years now and I still find ways to make myself, my family, my home and my travels safer and more secure. I see things from a different perspective now because of my job. This is why I wish to pass some of my findings on to you.


I learned a lot in college about security, but I have learned so much more from life. Just observing what others do has given me tons of ideas for what people can do to make themselves more safe and secure. Unfortunately a good portion of my ideas come from seeing people unwittingly make security mistakes.That’s why I started this security blog because I truly desire to help people be smarter about their safety.


I see hundreds of people every day at my job, and some of the things they do make me cringe. I really want to go up to them and tell them that’s not a good idea to do. I’m sure, however, that might not go over well. I figure that if I write about these things and don’t directly call people out, my message will be much better received. This way you can assess your security smarts on your own and change the way you do things if you need to.


I have come to realize that what seems like common sense to me, is not upper most on other people’s minds. That is why I have made it my crusade to bring my brand of common sense security to anyone and everyone who will listen.


Here are a few questions you should ask yourself to see if you are a fairly secure person.


Do you look around for security staff or video cameras when you enter a place?

          You really should try and locate staff who can help you if something happens while you are there.

          Being in an area with video cameras makes you less vulnerable and gives the security staff a better chance to see what is happening or has happened.


Are you paying more attention to your cell phone than what your kids are doing?

          Kids can dart off in the blink of an eye, but if you’re paying attention to where they are they won’t get far.

          You can see potentially dangerous things your kids could be trying to do and stop them before they get hurt.


Have you clicked on an email that might look suspicious?

          Phishing emails and scams are still a very common problem.

          Going to sketchy sites could lead to all kinds of different malware – some that might take a while to be activated.


I plan to cover these topics more in depth plus a whole lot more so you can better protect yourself and your family.  


Please join me on my crusade to bring common sense to your security.